Monday, September 26, 2005

The Good, the Bad, and the Say What?

Okay people, I'm back. Been away for a minute but got something new I need to drop on ya. It's my random observations of what's happening in the world of sports.

The GOOD........

#1. Mad props to the St. Louis Cardinals for showing the rest of the league how to win a division. This team has been devastated by injuries all season long; Reggie Sanders, Larry Walker and Scott Rolen have all been hurt collectively at some point and now Rolen is out for the season. Fortunately for the Cards, when you have the best right-handed stick in the game you always have a chance to win. Have Pujols, will carry.

#2. Just when all the haters thought the Yankee dynasty was on the brink of crumbling, here they come again. Finally, they're living up to expectations by drumming the opposition with the best line-up in the American League. Anytime you can occasionally bat A-Rod in the two hole, you have some serious firepower.

#3. Is anyone more fun to watch in baseball than Dontrelle Willis? Answer......Nope. Talk about a shot in the arm for the league. The kid is NICE. Street definition of NICE: “got skillz”, “off the chain”, “hellafide”.

#4. Speaking of NICE, how about LaDainian Tomlinson? Many around the league regard him as the best back in the NFL, after Sunday night’s performance, you get no argument from me.

#5. The bandwagon in Cincinnati just got bigger after the win this weekend by the Bengals over the Bears. A 3-0 start for the Bengals and coach Marvin Lewis ain't bad at all; no coach deserves it more than Marvin.

#6. I haven’t had this much fun watching a USC football team since, well.......LAST YEAR when they drummed Oklahoma for the National Championship. Did you happen to see the run Reggie Bush made this past weekend against Oregon when he lost a shoe? He moved so effortlessly, it looked like he was still running with two shoes on!

#7. Sports just wouldn't be the same without them: LeBron, KG, Shaq, Peyton, Vick, Moss, Rocket, A-Rod, Bonds, Tiger, Vijay, Phil, Dale Jr., JJ, and Gordon. Play on playas!

The BAD……….

#1. Haven’t we seen this before? Some team in the majors loses over 100 games. This year the honor goes to the Kansas City Royals. Pitiful.

#2. It's quite possible a team from the NL West could win the division with a record below .500. Wanna see television ratings drop faster than Dubya's approval rating after Katrina? Let that .500 team make it to the World Series. You know MLB and FOX would try their best to spin it into a "Cinderella" story but the public won't buy it, at least not me. Nobody wants to see a series match up that features a scrub team.

#3. Not again. Ken Griffey Jr.’s season is over prematurely. He recently underwent a pair of arthroscopic surgeries on the left knee and right hammy. Get well, my man, get well and come back for one last run at 600 homers.

#4. What happened to Nebraska football? Did they move to the Gateway conference of Division 1-AA?

#5. Shame on the NFL for making the Saints play a "home" game in New York against the Giants and the league's latest poster boy, Eli Manning. Like Joe Horn said, "don't be fooled, this ain't no home game for us." Well Joe, I feel ya on that and the score was evident.

#6. The Green Bay Packers are 0-3 and they've lost two home games in a row, which is about as rare as Shaquille O’Neal missing a wide open dunk. Think it’s time for Favre to admit that he doesn’t have the “magic” anymore?

#7. Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver will throw down for the third time on October 1, 2005. Roy, please win. Don't make me waste $49.95. I don’t wanna see you go out like Sugar Ray or Ali.

The SAY WHAT?.............

#1. It looks like Bobby Cox will work his magic once again in the A-T-L by managing the Braves to their 14th straight division title! Now if only he can manage them to another World Series title.....Yeah, right.

#2. Rafael Palmiero should be embarrassed for implying that he tested positive for steroids because of a vitamin B-12 injection he received from teammate Miguel Tejada, which I know had to piss Miggy off!! While Tejada is still doing his thang for the team, the O's told Raffy to chill at home the rest of the season.

#3. On 60 Minutes, Derek Jeter admitted he has received hate mail because he has dated white women. Authorities investigating say the mail is coming from someone black! Look my brothas and sistas, Jeter is about as classy as they come; give the dude a break and get over it.

#4. According to, the number one selling jersey so far this year is number 18 worn by Oakland's, Randy Moss. No surprise there-got one myself. But what is surprising, Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger’s number 7 is second, ahead of Micheal Vick. Let me repeat that.........ahead of Michael Vick. SAY WHAT?!?!? They have got to be selling Big Ben’s jersey at a 50% discount online.

#5. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams is the first player in the history of the NFL to start his career by rushing for three straight 100 yard games. Not, Jim Brown, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders or even Orenthal (aka OJ), but Cadillac. I know it’s early but you can put him down for my Rookie of the Year now.

#6. Does anyone care that the U.S. won the Presidents Cup in golf? Probably not because they were too busy watching football all weekend. Bad timing by the PGA and NBC. Just another reason why the PGA season and major golf events should be scheduled to end by September. Even Tiger doesn't wanna play anymore this year.

Finally, I can't finish without mentioning Mr. Bonds (see August blog).

#7. How do you have a couple of knee surgeries, miss 144 games, start swinging a bat three weeks before you come back, then go out and hit 4 home runs in your first 31 at bats? Maybe because he's that damn good? For the record, San Francisco is 9-2 in the 11 games he’s started..........Think he’s a difference maker??


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