Sunday, February 19, 2006

This much I know.....

I was away for a bit, simply put, something called a "day job" got in the way of my "hobby". But while I was away, I continued to observe, listen and make note of some things, which leads to this post.

  • First up, mad props to the Pittsburgh Steelers for winning their fifth Super Bowl. Although it didn’t take a genius to figure out they would win the game.

  • Now that the season is officially over, will you sports talk guys talk about something else on the radio besides football! Geesh, give it a break until late April when the draft rolls around. I know you guys LOVE football but there are other sports that pique the interest of fans. Why don’t you take a little time to brush up on your pro and college basketball acumen, so you can rant and rave about that all day. It would be refreshing.

  • Enough already with the Brett Favre retirement talk. Yes, he is one of the greatest ever and will be a first ballot Hall of Famer but who really cares if he comes back for another year.

  • When is the NFL going to realize that the Pro Bowl is a big waste of time? Nobody wants to play in the game anyway but they do want to travel to Hawaii, isn’t that right, Shaun Alexander? Let’s just eliminate the game all together and send the players on a well deserved vacation with parties, girls, drinking. Oh, my bad, that's called the Super Bowl.

  • Ricky Williams is an idiot. I wonder where he is going to run off to this time.......
  • One early morning, I was listening to one of the local sports talk shows, 680 The Fan. Somehow the hosts got on the topic of the best college basketball player, so I perked up with interest. One of the guys said, “I think that guy from Gonzaga is probably the best in the game, I think his name is Fazekas.” While the other guy said, “I like the guy from Duke (Redick).” This is exactly my point about brushing up on your basketball acumen because Nick Fazekas plays for Nevada and that “guy” from Gonzaga is the leading scorer in the NCAA, Adam Morrison!! Anyone that follows college basketball closely would never mistake the two; a good sports talk host would know the difference.

  • In the best of five, on a neutral court, Uconn could get a game or two from the Blazers.

  • NBA Top Five: Pistons, Spurs, Mavs, Suns, Heat

  • NBA Bottom Five: Raps, Bobcats, Knicks, Hawks, Blazers

  • Mid-Season MVP: Kobe Bryant. Imagine where this team would be without him….probably on my “Bottom Five” list.

  • If you didn’t see Bean's performance on January 22, 2006, you really missed something special. I caught it live on DirecTV and was probably one of the few true Laker fans (yes, I have been a fan since 1977) in the eastern time zone, who stayed up late to watch him drop 81 on the sorry ass Raptors. Oh, but it was well worth it. By the way, Sam Mitchell should have been fired shortly after that game and not the General Manager. If you missed the performance, you can download it at Google for $3.95. (For you Kobe haters out there, more on him in a future post).

  • Plan and simple, Andre Iguodala got robbed in the Slam Dunk contest! If it takes someone (Nate Robinson) fourteen attempts to get a slam down and we have to suffer through each attempt knowing what's coming, you should be penalized for it and not win. Having said that, the NBA wanted him to win anyway.

  • If Nique doesn’t get into the Basketball Hall of Fame this time around, he should personally “tomahawk” on each member who didn’t vote for him. Come on Hawks! Flex your networking skills and help get the greatest player of your franchise elected.

  • Dickie V should get in the Hall for his significant contribution to the game. Love him or hate him, he changed the way college analysts call the game and brought excitement into broadcasts.
  • Is it me or is Bode Miller the most over-hyped Winter Olympian ever? Just a couple of weeks ago, this guy is on the cover of Time magazine and in the article is praised for his prowess in downhill events and his unconventional style that has rankled the coaches and officials on the U.S. team. The expectations were that he was going to take home damn near ever gold medal in his events. As of today, he’s won Zero, Nada, Zilch!! After the fact, Bode claims, "if things went well, I could be sitting on four medals." That's like me saying, "if I could just hit a curveball, I would be in the majors." Shut up Bode, there is always a job as Head Ski Instructor for you at the Vail Lodge.

  • The media needs to hype up Shani Davis, the brotha from Chicago, who became the first African-American to win a gold medal in a Winter speed skating event.

  • Do you personally know anyone who has even watched a few minutes of the telecasts? Didn’t think so. In the future, the Winter Games should be broadcast exclusively over the internet.
  • I hate to admit it but it’s quite possible the U.S. team is going to take a beating in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Have you seen the projected line-up for the Dominican Republic? Talk about “Murderers' Row”……Miguel Tejada, Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols, David Ortiz. I see why Alex Rodriguez decided to play for the U.S. team after all, he was probably afraid that he wouldn’t be the “Man”.

  • Hey, Barry, will you hurry up and pass Babe Ruth, then ride off into the sunset because we know you really don’t care about passing Hank (even though you could).

  • As much as people don’t want to admit it, you gotta love Ozzie Guillen for his honesty and enthusiasm. Baseball managers take their jobs way too seriously and Ozzie is one of the few who doesn't over-manage his team. Just set the line-up and let the guys play.
  • Every time Tiger wins, I can’t help but take great delight in it. I just wish the purists and media will realize that he is ALREADY the greatest golfer to ever play the game. To play under such pressure in every tournament and against (what I think), the greatest generation of players on a consistent basis and still be able to dominate the way he does, says quite a bit.

  • I am glad the sports media stopped talking about the Rick Tocchet hockey gambling ring. That was really becoming the highlight of my day (of course I am kidding). However, I do find it rather interesting that according to New Jersey law, it is not a crime to place a bet, even if the wager is with a bookie. Alrighty then, does anyone know any bookies in Jersey I can call? HA, HA, HA

Until next time!